Robinhood — main features to consider

The comparison of key features and benefits of Robinhood platform.
Posted on 13 August 2023
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The world is made up of successful people who know how to make money and another part that lives in need. According to statistics, less than 10% of people can go this way. Convenience is that the modern world allows you to achieve financial independence in any convenient place. Of course, wealth will not bring happiness, but it will allow you to do what you love, travel, and have fun. Thanks to modern technology, any smart person will be able to achieve success — just have an Internet connection and a minimum start-up capital.

We are talking about trading binary options or financial markets. A smart user will be able to choose a high-quality strategy, correctly analyze the situation, and conclude a profitable deal. But only a reliable broker can create ideal conditions and guarantee payments. In this Robinhood review, you will learn about the history of trading platform, the strengths, and trading tools available to clients.

Binary Options Trading Principles

The question of how making money with a minimum capital has always worried users. Thanks to various trading firms and the Internet, this is now possible anywhere. Typically, most companies provide clients with access to a large number of different assets, including binary options, stocks, currencies, currency pairs, metals, commodities, and other opportunities. The value of each asset changes every minute, which allows you to make money on rate fluctuations. Many day traders have made money on the exchange as the main type of income. The professional platform Robinhood, offers several types of binary options for trading.
Options trading principles
  • Turbo-options. The riskiest way to make money, but it also provides great profits. Its peculiarity is that there is a short expiration time (1-5 minutes) and a high percentage of profit (160-180%). It is very difficult to do fundamental analysis here, so a lot depends on luck. But the correct forecast will make you good money.

  • Digital-options. A method that allows a trader to do fundamental analysis. The main feature of digital-options is a long expiration time (weeks and even months). Therefore, the user can also make a correct forecast, taking into account all factors. But the percentage of profit is less here than in other binary options.

  • Call/Put. The most common type of binary options for days trading. The main task of the trader is to guess how the value of the selected asset will change after a certain period. If it falls, select the "Put" option, if it rises — "Call". A professional trader can accurately determine the direction of price movement and make good money.

  • Touch/No-touch. Another popular type of binary options available to Robinhood users. In this case, there is a certain cost border (above or below the current one). The trader analyzes the situation and predicts whether the price will reach the specified value (Touch) or not (No-touch). If the Touch option is selected and the condition is met, the user can take profit without waiting for the expiration time.

  • In/Out. In this case, there are two indicators (upper and lower). The trader's forecast tells whether the rate will remain within these values (In) or leave them (Out). The money will be credited to the user's account after the conditions are successfully met and the expiration period expires.

  • Spread. This is the most difficult type of day trades and is suitable for professional users. The trader must determine not only the trend in value but also indicate the exact value. This requires professional knowledge and trading skills. Attracts customers with a large percentage of potential profit.

The Broker You Need

An effective path to success through cryptocurrency trading or binary options can only be productive together with a quality and reliable broker. This company Robinhood review will help you learn more about platform and make the right decision.

History of Companie

Robinhood logo
The Robinhood service was launched in 2014 as a convenient mobile app. Success came in 2017 after the opening of the official website. The history of the company began at Stanford (USA). Its founders — Baiju and Vlad — were roommates and classmates. After graduation, they moved to New York, where they began working in the financial sector. Soon they decided that they would create something new — a broker that everyone can afford. A few years later, a press release of the platform took place in Menlo Park (California), and six months later, the launch of the service. Of course you can become a client of Robinhood for trading in South Africa. There is only one condition — you need be a U.S. permanent resident.

Licenses and Permits

An important question for many traders is "can I use Robinhood in South Africa?". Of Course! But there are several conditions —for use Robinhood Platform you need be a U.S. permanent resident, or have a valid U.S. visa. However, the company's activities are supported by financial regulators. Back in 2014, the service developers received a license from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (USA). Then in 2016 and 2018, the company was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (USA) and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (USA). It also provides maximum investor protection of up to $500,000, which includes a cash limit of $250,000.

Security Service

Https secure protocol
Customer safety is one of the main factors for the user. In this Robinhood trading review, it must be said that the companie provide a high level of security and guarantee that the earned profit remains with the trader. Because account passwords, payment details, and other sensitive information are encrypted using SSL 3.0. This program uses a complex dynamic cipher, so a fraudster will not hack your account and gain access to personal data. Moreover, when withdrawing funds, the client is obliged to provide identity documents (passport or driver's license). Besides, the bank account is also being verified, so that a real client will receive the profit and not a fraudster who has got hold of the account password.

Stylish Website

The correct combination of colors allows you to better absorb information and less fatigue. The design of the Robinhood official website deserves all kinds of praise. The stylish design does not strain your eyes, and high-quality functionality allows you to quickly register, study the necessary information and conclude a profitable deal.
Robinhood website homepage
Robinhood homepage
You cannot register account Robinhood in South Africa, because platform work only with US residents.

Available Assets

So, it's time to move from theory to practice by making the first real bet on the exchange. After registering and making a deposit (minimum $5 limit), an Robinhood client gains access to a large number of assets. It offers stock markets, fiat currencies, binary options, cryptocurrencies, company shares, rates on raw materials, gold, metals, etc. It remains only to choose the option that suits the user the most and make the correct prediction, making a profit.

Teaching Materials

Knowledge base for beginners
Exchange care about customers, their convenience, and their safety. Therefore, the service offer free access to the section with answers to the most popular questions and a section with training materials. This is a very useful option for beginners or just traders who want to progress. Here the client can read about market news, familiarize himself with new strategies, read tips from successful traders, Robinhood stock review, etc. Remember that knowledge and information are very important wealth. Thanks to this approach, it will be possible to minimize the number of errors.

Support Service

It is also necessary to say about the convenience of the platform. There are many positive reviews of the Robinhood app from real users on the Internet. They are talking about a professional support team who can help you quickly. Email is available for communication with company employees.

Demo Account

The disadvantage of Robinhood South Africa is the lack of such an option. Therefore, clients should learn to trade on real trades, which is quite risky.

Payment Systems

Deposit replenishment and withdrawal of funds will be convenient and safe for clients of trading platforms. Traders can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro bank cards, electronic wallets Qiwi, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, EasyPay, and others.

Also, when withdrawing profits for the first time, you must go through the verification procedure and provide the security service with documents for personal identification (passport or driver's license). This approach eliminates the risk of fraud and ensures that the real trader gets the profit. The minimum payout limit is $100.

Individual Settings

Each client has personal preferences that make trading as comfortable as possible. And the site offer users a good set of customization options. The client can add to the chart those indicators and signals that will help him to trade Forex on Robinhood. This allows you to receive the right signals on time and make the right decisions, making your trading more efficient.

Profit Percentage

The sites offer customers the to earn safely and profitably. The average percentage of profit per trade is 68%. It is also worth noting a large number of positive Robinhood investing reviews, which confirm the reliability and safety of the trading platform.

Robot for Automated Trading

Robot auto trading
The site allow clients to activate the automated trading option. All you have to do is download the Robinhood trading app to your device. Next, you need to set up algorithms and specify a stop-loss (allows you to minimize losses in case of a bad deal). Now the program will thoroughly analyze the market, offer the best deals, and close them with millisecond precision. And the main thing is to work 24/7. Earn money around the clock by trading with trusted brokers.

Robinhood App Review

Many users are interested in is Robinhood available in South Africa. Yes, the company's activities are legal, and thanks to modern technology, a trader can make money anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection (but you must be an US resident).
Robinhood mobile app
Robinhood app
It is enough to download and install Robinhood trading app on your device. The program has excellent functionality and high-quality design, and most importantly, it runs on all modern mobile phones or tablets (iOS and Android). What's more, good optimization ensures a stable connection even on a weak internet, so you can trade efficiently with the Robinhood app in South Africa (as US resident) or anywhere else.

Features and Unique Offers

Segment leaders offer customers unique opportunities. For example, the Robinhood trading platform organize various paid or free tournaments with a good prize pool. The user's task is to register (or buy an entrance ticket), and then wait for the tournament to start. After that, one thousand virtual dollars are credited to the account. You need to get the maximum profit in the allotted time.

Premium Account Robinhood Gold Review

Segment leaders are always ready to offer more. Robinhood allow traders to purchase a premium account. Such clients receive an increased percentage of profit on transactions, the ability to withdraw money as soon as possible, take part in special tournaments, get help from a personal manager, etc. Great opportunities become available with the right broker.


CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.
87% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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Robinhood only offers services to US residents.