iq option tournament
Big prize pools
Fee-free tournaments
The prize pools are a thousandfold higher than the cost of the entry tickets. A trader can win up to $ 50 000 while investing just $ 20. The prize pools may become higher during the tournament due to the Rebuys that can be added by participants at any time.
The fee for some tournaments is zero. The participants can take part in these competitions for free. That is a great opportunity to check your skills without making any investments and risks. There is also a chance to win real money.

Pocket Option tournaments: fees, conditions, prizes

Updated: 13 / 08 / 2023
About Pocket Option Tournaments
Tournaments on the Pocket Option platform consist of closed groups of users who trade a single asset and start with the same balance. The trader with the highest profit emerges as the winner. Depending on tournament settings, usually the top three places are rewarded with cash prizes. Trading takes place on a virtual balance, so tournament participants do not use funds from their real account balance.
The "Tournaments" section consists of three tabs. The "Progress" tab provides a brief overview of statistics and the tournaments you are currently participating in. The "Current" tab displays the tournaments you can currently join. The "Upcoming" tab lists the tournaments that will become available in the future.
Once all the necessary initial procedures like registration, installation of trading platforms, and depositing the first dollars are completed, you can start selecting a tournament to participate in.
Types of Tournaments
There are seven types of tournaments on the broker’s platform:
"Day off":
  • Participation is free, but an additional payment of 1 USD can be made to increase the potential winnings (trading position).
  • Minimum of 10 participants required.
  • The main prize is $250.
  • The starting capital for all participants is 100 rubles.
  • Prizes are awarded to the top three participants.
"Hour play":
  • Participation fee is 1 USD.
  • Minimum of 50 participants required.
  • Prize fund is $100.
  • Starting deposit is 100 rubles for each competitor.
"Daily Cash":
  • Participation fee is $10.
  • Minimum of 50 participants required.
  • The main prize is $1000.
  • Starting trading deposit is 100 rubles.
"No weekends":
  • Main prize is $2500.
  • Participation costs $10.
  • Minimum of 100 participants required.
  • Starting deposit is 100 rubles.
"No limits":
  • Prize fund is $5000.
  • Participation fee is $25.
  • Free trading deposit is 1000 rubles.
  • Number of participants is 200.
"Battle week":
  • Main prize is $15,000.
  • Participation fee is $50.
  • Minimum of 300 participants required.
  • Starting deposit is 1000 rubles.
"Game of Thrones":
  • Main prize is $50,000.
  • Participation fee is $100.
  • Minimum of 500 participants required.
  • Free trading deposit for starting is 10,000 rubles.
Registration Process
If you already have the broker's trading terminal on your device, becoming a tournament participant requires three steps:
Step 1. Open the "Tournaments" tab in the trading terminal (mobile app) on the right side of the monitor panel.
Step 2. In the tournament menu, select the "Future" or "Current" tabs. This allows you to join ongoing tournaments or pre-register for upcoming competitions.
Step 3. Choose the desired tournament and complete the registration. If required, pay the participation fee and gain access to the entire competition program.
By completing these three registration steps, the user becomes a full-fledged tournament participant.
Rebuy Feature
The rebuy feature adds 100 tournament currency units when your balance drops below 100. To replenish the tournament account, click the "Rebuy" button in the top right corner of the trading interface.

In the opened window, choose the "Rebuy" tab and confirm the action.
    Prize Distribution
    At the end of each tournament, the final tournament table is formed, and prizes are awarded to participants based on their positions. You can find this information in the "Progress" tab. Clicking on the name of the won competition opens the history of prize places, with the option to transfer the won money to the real deposit balance. Obtaining the funds requires a single click on the corresponding button.
    The winnings will be instantly transferred to your balance.

    There is a restriction on withdrawing winnings. To be eligible, your deposit must have been topped up at least once with the minimum required amount.

    Similar information about your participation status can also be accessed through the mobile app.

    Pocket Option in Numbers

    $ 20 000 000 +
    1 000 000 +
    Please note that you can register for the tournament any time, but there is a scheduled start time for each of them.
    We also notify you in advance if the tournament bracket is filled with accidental traders just to let you know what the chart looks like and what prize pool this tournament offers. Press the button to see Pocket Option Upcoming Tournaments.
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